Ice Cream Challenge


This quarter's challenge is super simple- Create an 18 x18 inch block using any construction technique with the theme of ICE CREAM. (Can you tell we're tired of winter around here?)

It's that easy! If you want to finish your block into a pillow wall hanging or tote, that's great, but not necessary to meet the challenge. Deadline is March30th, 2019. Be sure to email a photo of your challenge submission to We'll post it here in the photo gallery and on our FB page! BTW- be sure to check out the submissions for the Miss Match Challenge in the photo gallery for the previous post below.


Miss Match Challenge



Our quilting group agreed to purchase two mis-matched fabrics and each participant would receive a fat quarter of each. The "rules were simple- 1. use both fabrics in the body of your project, 2. finished project can be no smaller than a table runner, no bigger than a throw. 3. deadline to complete for group "show and tell" in January 16th, 2019. So, if you care  to follow along, here's what you need: 

   2 fat quarters of mismatched fabrics- the weirder the better (see picture 1)  

Any other fabrics of your choice- any amounts

Other supplies as needed

You can submit your completed project picture to NancyJeans via email and I'll post them on my website on the Inspiration page!!

OK- here's what going to be posted in the NJ Inspiration section for the next few months- I'm going to give you all a sneak peek into my project!  This is mainly because I really can't keep a secret!!! And I'm SUPER excited about my project for this challenge!!!

So here's sneak peek number one- my additional fabric choices for my project- which is going to be a wall hanging.  (See Photo Gallery below) Hope I've got your creative juices flowing!!!! 


Skill Level- Intermediate with HIGH hopes!!

There's going to be some piecing, some applique, some stamping, some ink dying and quilting planned for this project....I've got three months so I've got BIG plans!!!